Katmandu Park promotion video
Katmandu Park promotion video


The DJI Osmo

Multicamevents shooting with the Osmo.


We Have a new camera!!  4K video & 12M-Raw stills from our new "Osmo" camera. An incredible little camera which is a perfect solution for very tight or small locations and because its a stabilised camera, it produces beautiful steady shots only possible normally with much bigger steady cam systems.

Stills are no problem either, for web or social media sites. We can take normal 20mm shot or 180*, 360* degree stills using the Osmo. Fast, quality and cost effective productions from Multicamevents.


Please get in touch and give Jason a call for a Demo on 07504 907740 or contact us via email:  jason@multicamvents.com  




180 degree, 12K Raw still from Osmo

                                          Broadcast TV commercials 

Screen capture from the Atmos Ninja 2 "10bit uncompressed"


20mm Still photo taken on the Osmo

Multicamevents are proud to offer our exciting new service dedicated towards private individuals or real estate agencies to help generate sales and property rentals via professional video and still photos.


For just £25 per property we can deliver a professional 4K video of your property including photo stills to use as a marketing tool to either sell or rent your property.


**We can also insert graphics text or voice over if needed for a small extra cost.**


How do we work? we take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to shoot the property including taking stills. We then edit both video and photos before we deliver via email a link for you to download.


Our solution is not just a fantastic service at an incredible price, we also deliver the finished product the same day, NO WAITING. This means you can get your property exposed onto the market immediately.


All wrapped up in one day. We shoot & edit a professional 4K video tour of your property & including still photos, all at a affordable fixed price. Finally we will not keep you waiting with a same day delivery of video and stills.

Thats the way business sould be, fast, professional and affordable.


Multicamevents feel this is a great offer for private individuals and real estate companies. If you feel this is something you want to have for your property please get in touch and give Jason a call on 07504 907740 or contact us via email:  jason@multicamvents.com  





Jason Wilkinson   Director - Producer - Editor - Cameraman



    “Make it Simple”  

  Corporate Videos in an instant


Parties and Events from every Angle


Professional video content for all social media and youtube.


     Simple, means No-Nonsense. 

MCE offer a video production service unique to Plymouth

and across Devon & Cornwall. 


Companies or private individuals Never need worry about making a professional video

on budget or on time again!


MCE can create finished video content the same day or even Instantly.

We give our clients the benefit of immediate exposure to the web and social networks like facebook and youtube or display screens at a venue or office.


 Affordable video production with NO extra hidden costs.


Professional quality guaranteed in todays HD/4K world.

Finally MCE offer a Video production service that understands the needs of a business 

and its expectations.  


Just ASK US why we are so confident, and help you create a digital portfolio!


One quoted price, No hidden costs.

Your video production is shot, edited and delivered 

 on the same day or in real time if required.


Finally you may ask yourself?

"Why do I want or even need video content!"


Well may you might want great looking content for 

Demonstration video's 

Internal training 

Health and safety video’s

Advertising & marketing content

Youtube & facebook channels

Achieved Reference material 

Key note speeches & conferences

conference and exhibition stands


That is just some reason’s, but we know every business 

is different. Large or small we believe everyone should have access to affordable professional video that delivers results. 


 Multicam Events is changing the way video is made forever. 



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