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Jason Wilkinson has over 25 years of experience in the Audio visual sectors, including roles in studio & location audio recording,  as a lighting  cameraman and director/ producer  in the broadcast and the corporate industry. Jason has also owned and ran  IPTV & satellite Tv channels and studio facility. 

At 16 years old in 1988 Jason first started out his career as a "tape op" in Reading Berkshire in Matinee sound and vision recording studio before leaving as assistant engineer to join RS2 communications as the studio manager. RS2 produced europes first "multimedia presentation" for Compaq compters in 1990.

After a short career signed to BMG music as the artist "Jason Bailey" in the dance act "West coast" he moved to Palma de Mallorca to further self study Video production and create & produce music and video productions for a range of clients across europe.


2000 - 2010 Jason had built a client list as a cameraman and editor with some of the worlds biggest news broadcasters and TV shopping channel "Ideal shopping direct" as well as hundreds of companies producing corporate productions working around the world.


2010 - Created an IPTV channel called "NTVE.TV" dedicated towards the "Super-yacht" industry.


2012  - Launched "Mallorca Today TV" the balearics first ever English speaking light entertainment TV show broadcast on Spanish Freeview TDT network channel  "Canal4" across Mallorca. 


2015 Jason was hired as a regular Cameraman and content editor for Global V.VIPS to work on highly sensitive projects.


Also In 2015 Jason returned to his home city of Plymouth and set up  Multicamevents. Over 25 years of experience he now wants to bring very creative & effective video production solutions at a price point that companies can afford. 



Shooting In Katmandu on a Sony F350L
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